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CAMP Education Committee

Committee Description:
The CAMP Education Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing content pertaining to allergen information sheets, developing interactive tool kits for both providers and patients and patient counseling tools.

Council: CAMP Council

Co-Council Chairs: Sara Hylwa, MD and Jenny Murase, MD

Committee Chair: Sara Hylwa, MD

CAMP Director: Margo Reeder, MD

Committee Members:
Rabina Walsh, MD
Mari Paz Castanedo, MD
Marjorie Montanez, MD PhD
Salma De la Feld, MD
Esperanza Welsh, MD
Aida Lugo-Somolinos, MD
Dathan Hamann, MD
Jennifer Chen, MD
Lindsey Voller, BA
Rachit Gupta, BS
Sara  Kullberg, BA
Rebecca Kimyon, BS
Jaime Schlarbaum, BS

Those interested in serving on an ACDS CAMP Education Committee may submit a committee interest form for consideration in the upcoming year. Please contact or call (414) 918-9805 with any questions.