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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Healthcare Disparities Award


The American Contact Dermatitis Society is pleased to offer a research award dedicated to the study of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), and healthcare disparities within dermatitis. These awards will not exceed $10,000 per year and will favor those in the $3,000 to $5,000 range.

Applicants may focus on race, ethnicity, and/or socieoeconomic factors and their effect on the pathophysiology, epidemiology, education, diagnosis, management, or prevention of atopic or contact dermatoses in skin of color.  Specific areas of exploration may include:

  • race, ethnicity, socieoeconomic factors and effect on access to dermatitis care/patch testing
  • quality of life with dermatitis in skin of color
  • skin of color and variation in management and outcomes of dermatitis
  • risk factors for dermatitis in skin of color
  • occupational dermatoses in skin of color and disadvantaged socioeconomic groups etc.

Applicants’ proposals must address how their projects would promote better understanding the state of DEI, and healthcare disparities within the field of dermatitis.

All monies are to be spent within 18 months of receipt of the award. The ACDS does not fund awards to be performed as part of the NIH intramural research program or awards to private foundations without an academic affiliation to dermatology. Funding does not support indirect institutional costs including salary as a direct or indirect expense for the principal investigator (e.g. trainee/young investigator or sponsor). Under special circumstances funding for travel may be allowed.

Eligible Candidates

North, Central and South American medical students, residents, and research fellows, and North, Central and South American dermatologists or investigators are eligible to apply for these awards. Either the applicant or the sponsor must be a fellow of the American Contact Dermatitis Society.


Provide a short discussion of the aims and relevance of the project including sufficient detail for evaluation by the ACDS Research Development and Awards Committee. Previously published material may be submitted in support of the application.

Outline of Proposal

Please do not exceed five pages, including budget, and upload as a PDF document.

  • Specific aims: Explain your hypothesis and what you plan to accomplish.
  • Significance: Why is this work important?
  • Preliminary studies/background: Present prior work you have accomplished. Review relevant literature.
  • Methods: Explain your experimental design and plan for data analysis. Explain how protected health information will be stored, shared, and destroyed.
  • References: Citations from literature.
  • Budget: Provide a one-page detailed budget including expenses for database management; statistical analysis; presentation expenses. Funding is not designed to be used for indirect institutional costs, including salary for investigator or supervisor, travel to meetings, or overhead costs, at universities. Personnel costs for data analysis, are acceptable. Travel may be approved under special circumstances.

Curricula Vita

Attach brief biographical sketches of the applicant and sponsor.

Human Subjects

Applications related to research on human subjects must be accompanied by institutional approval of the type required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. No applications without institutional approval will be considered.

Animal Studies

Applications that involve research on animals must be accompanied by a written approval of an institutional committee of the type required by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Applications that involve animals will not be considered without this approval.


The completed application and supporting materials must be received by 11:59pm CST on October 15 of each year.

Approved October applications will be funded within the same calendar year. Oral presentation of an interim report or results is expected at the next upcoming ACDS Meeting, as well as manuscript submission to Dermatitis Journal following completion of the project.

It is essential that all applications are complete and received prior to the deadline. This checklist must accompany the application. If the application is incomplete or any of the items are missing the application will not be considered for the award.


  • Proposal
  • Budget
  • CVs, biosketch, etc.
  • Letter(s) of support
  • IRB Approval Status

NOTE: The applicant must be able to complete the research in their own institution’s settings while abiding by any COVID restrictions that are currently in place.



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