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ACDS Mentoring Award History


Award Recipient Mentor
Sahi Patel Dathan Hamann
Seth Lofgreen, MD Erin Warshaw and Sara Hylwa
Wei-Che Ko, MD Jeff Yu, MD


Award Recipient Mentor
Catherine Besner Morin Annick Barbaud
Emily Privette, MD Peggy Wu, MD


Award Recipient Mentor
Brandon Adler Melanie Platt & Erin Warshaw
Alina Goldenberg Sharon Jacob
Matthew Innes Amber Reck Atwater
Kathryn Somers Sara Hylwa


Award Recipient Mentor
Shambhu Joshi, MD Rosemary Nixon


Award Recipient Mentor
Sara Hylwa Andreas Bircher


Award Recipient Mentor
Natalie Cunningham Melanie Pratt
Ricky Hipolito Andy Scheman
Gina Kwon Erin Warshaw
Alexandra Means Patti Norris
Havva Hilal Ayvaz Melanie Pratt
Eseosa Asemota Bruce Brod
Rosemary de Shazo Erin Warshaw


Award Recipient Mentor
Jennifer Chen Jacob Thyssen
Lei Anne Hernandez Keri Chaney
Margot Reeder Susan Nedorost
Jessica Kim So Sharon Jacob
JiaDe (Jeff) Yu Bruce Brod/James Treat


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