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Fisher Lectureship Award

The Alexander Fisher Lectureship is awarded in honor of Alexander Fisher, MD honoring his contributions to the field of contact dermatitis. The lecturer is selected based on his or her contributions to contact dermatitis, reflection of the spirit of Dr. Fisher's enthusiasm for the subject of contact dermatitis, and for sharing knowledge and experience in evaluating patients.

2024 Fisher Lecturer - Susan Nedorost, MD
Embracing the Complexities of Dermatitis

Susan Nedorost, MD, is Professor Emerita of Dermatology, Case Western Reserve University. She currently sees dermatitis patients in Columbus, Ohio for Dermatologists of the Central States.

Dr. Nedorost is a systems thinker and enjoys improving clinical care for dermatitis and also improving medical education. She is amazed and awed by the complexity of the interplay between our environment and immune systems and greatly enjoys translating scientific discoveries to the dermatitis clinic. She is also interested in environmental impacts on public health as they relate to dermatitis.

She is most gratified when suffering can be relieved by changing the patient’s microenvironment resulting in low- cost cure, as opposed to high- cost drugs to control disease. Examples include helping patients learn to avoid allergens in contact dermatitis or control leg swelling in stasis dermatitis.

Her passion for high value care also guided her approach to graduate medical education as a program director. During her tenure as Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, she implemented an institutional curriculum that developed skills in leadership and communication, stewardship and shared decision making, and cultural humility and population health.

She most enjoys bringing together diverse pieces of complex systems to enhance understanding of the whole.


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