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November 22, 2023

Take Advantage of Opportunities for Continuing Medical Education Credit offered by Dermatitis

In an era when documentation of Continuing Medical Education (CME) has become critical for supporting applications for state medical licensing, as well as credentialling for staff privileges at regional or University Hospitals, opportunities for CME are essential. With the assistance of our publishers at Mary Ann Liebert, Dermatitis has identified a sponsor for CME credit (University of California Irvine) for taking the self-assessment quiz that is published monthly in our journal.  The self-assessment quiz may be accessed at the journal website.

All members of the ACDS are encouraged to take advantage of this new feature of the journal. Up to six hours of Category 1 CME can be obtained per year. This represents one hour of Category 1 CME for each quiz associated with each of the six regular issues that are published annually. The same CME quiz will be associated with any themed “Bonus Issues” published by Dermatitis.

Instructions for obtaining CME credit for the self-assessment quiz:

  1. Click on the link below to launch the self-assessment quiz.
  2. Complete requested information.
  3. The self-assessment quiz will appear.
  4. Answer all questions by selecting the appropriate response.
  5. After completing the quiz, a score will be generated.
  6. A minimum score of 70% will render the test-taker to be eligible for 1 hour of CME credit. If a score of 70% is not achieved, the test-taker has the option to take the test again.
  7. After achieving 70% score, the test-taker will complete the requested information for CME purposes.
  8. Answer the questions related to learning skills achieved with brief responses.
  9. Select MD, DO or health care provider options.
  10. A certificate of CME will appear with the test-takers name and date of the exam, and the PDF can be downloaded for the test-taker to record and document earning of 1 hour of category 1 CME.
  11. A PDF of the certificate will also be sent to the email address that the test-taker provided.

We have been monitoring the use of the self-assessment quiz for CME by our membership, and very few ACDS members have taken advantage of this feature since its initiation this summer. We encourage our membership to utilize this feature to test your knowledge and support the documentation for your continuing medical education.

Changes in the Editorial Office

With a rising Impact Factor (now at 5.2), it is not surprising that the number of manuscript submissions to Dermatitis continues to steadily increase year over year.  For the calendar year 2023, we are projecting over 400 manuscript submissions to the journal for consideration for publication. This projection will be more than a 10% increase in submissions compared to the 2022 calendar year.  We are pleased that our journal is a destination for more and more scholarly articles. This does not necessarily indicate that there will be more articles accepted for publication, as it is our policy to select the finest clinical and scientific works for publication in Dermatitis. To expeditiously handle this increasing number of manuscripts, the Editorial Office has decided to expand and add a second deputy editor to assist us with our editorial duties.  Deputy editors work with the editor-in-chief in processing manuscripts, assigning reviewers and deciding the final disposition of manuscripts submitted for publication. They also serve in an advisory role for the journal, and play an important role in the development of editorial policies. Lastly, they can act as an interim editor in chief in the event that the editor-in-chief is unable to perform his/her duties.


We are pleased to introduce Dr. Marjorie Montanez-Wiscovich as our second deputy editor.  Marjorie is full time faculty in the department of Dermatology at the University of Florida, where she serves as a clinical associate professor, and is involved in patient care, patch testing and medical education.  She received an MD PhD degree at Case Western University, followed by her Dermatology residency. She has served as a section editor for Dermatitis, and has authored the self-assessment quiz since 2021 and thus has an excellent understanding of the workings of the journal. She joins Dr. Jake Turrentine, who has been deputy editor since 2021.


Dr. Jake Turrentine has been deputy editor for two years. Jake has performed his duties as deputy editor and has been truly outstanding in his efforts at supporting Dermatitis.  He has been a dedicated, thoughtful and energetic resource for the Editorial office, and we look forward to his continued efforts in this capacity.  Jake completed his Dermatology residency training at University of Texas Southwestern, and is currently in practice in Hickory, North Carolina, where he provides patch testing, medical and surgical dermatology to the community.  Jake has been involved with Dermatitis since 2016, when he assumed the role of section editor for the self-assessment quiz.  At my invitation, he joined the editorial office as deputy editor in 2021.


Together, we will lead the journal in the processing of submitted manuscripts, and in maintaining a high level of scientific and clinical excellence.  We will be working collaboratively with the ACDS and our entire editorial board in forming editorial polices and tactical strategies for Dermatitis. I look forward to working with Jake and Marjorie, both bright, young dermatologists who will have important roles in achieving the goals of our journal.

Anthony Gaspari, MD
Dermatitis Editor-in-Chief

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