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The American Contact Dermatitis Society is committed to advancing the care and understanding of dermatitis and allergy. As part of this commitment, ACDS created the Contact Allergen Management Program (CAMP), a web-based resource designed to help patients manage allergic contact dermatitis and find personal care products that are safe for them to use. CAMP includes the following:

  • Free access for ACDS members and their patients
  • Ability to offer personalized medicine by generating safe lists based on patch testing results
  • Provide mobile access to patient safe lists (available on iPhone and Android devices)
  • Access to educational resources to assist in patient counseling*
  • Ability to scan product information for instant feedback on product safeness*

*New - CAMP is currently undergoing a transformation to allow for a more user-friendly interface and improved functionality that CAMP provides for both you and your patients. We are anticipating rolling out the new upgrade in the beginning of 2024. Watch for more information coming soon!

CAMP is currently not available on Android devices for new users. Alternatively, CAMP can be accessed on Apple devices or by visiting

Access on Android devices will be restored once CAMP 2.0 is released. We are currently anticipating the CAMP 2.0 update to be released within the next few months, but a release date has not been determined at this time.

Information will be released on the ACDS website and social media platforms as it becomes available. Please contact us at with any questions.

How CAMP Works
Personalized Safe Lists
Mobile Access
Donate to CAMP

How CAMP Works

  • Following patch testing, the physician determines the allergens a patient may react to.
  • Using CAMP, the physician generates a personalized safelist which identifies products that are free of the known allergens or ingredients that are closely related to the patient's allergens.
  • Allergen search codes are provided to the patient. These are unique codes tied to the patient's specific allergens, as identified by you as their physician. Allergen search codes are required in order for the patient to access CAMP and view their safe list.

Product ingredient information is imported into CAMP from several different sources and reviewed on a continual basis.

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Personalized Safelists

The products illustrated on these patient safe lists are safe for the patient to use. However, the patient must use the exact products as listed on the safe list. Products which are the same brand and have a similar name as a product on the list may NOT be safe to use if it is not on the list.

Although we strive to keep the information up to date, manufacturers may change their ingredient lists causing product information to become outdated. In addition, a retailer may carry an older version of the product, causing the ingredient list to be different from the information on this list. For this reason, patients should review the ingredients listed on a product prior to use, and always confirm it does not contain any of their allergens.

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Mobile Access

Patients have the ability to download the CAMP mobile app on their mobile device for quick-on-the-go information.

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Interested in Donating back to CAMP?

The CAMP database is provided as a service to the American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) members. As a value-added benefit, patients of an ACDS physician are able to access CAMP for free as a way to assist them in managing their contact dermatitis.

If you are interested in supporting and maintaining this valuable resource or providing funds to assist with ongoing investigative research in contact dermatitis, please click here to donate.

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