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Contact Allergen Bee Winners

Congratulations to the 12th Annual Contact Allergen Bee Winners!

12th Annual Allergen Bee
(Boston, MA, 2022)

First Prize
Wei-Che Ko, MD

Honorable Mention
Kelly Scarberry, MD

Past winners include:

11th Annual Allergen Bee
(Virtual Event, 2021)

Practicing Physicians
Brandon Adler, MD

Araya Zaesim MD

Medical Student
Rob Shaver, BS

Allied Health/Industry/Other
Kara Mudd, PA-C

10th Annual Allergen Bee
(Washington, DC, 2019)

First Prize
Brandon Adler, MD

Honorable Mentions
Feras Al-Ghazawi, MD
Paula Beers, MD
Richard Browning, MD
Ashley Elsensohn, MD
Fabrizio Galimberti, MD
Matthew Innes, MD
Annie Langley, MD
Yumeng Li, MD
Dana Malajian, MD
Pat Mulvaney, MD
Isha Parulkar Tiernan, MD
Dmitriy Timeran, MD
Gil Weintraub, MD

9th Annual Allergen Bee
(San Diego, California, 2018)

First Prize
Audrey Beirne, MD

Honorable Mentions
Brandon Adler, MD
Michael Barton
Riti Bhatia
David Cotter
Paul Gruber
InYoung Kim, MD, PhD
Emily Osier, MD
Shailee Patel
Andrea Zarins

8th Annual Allergen Bee
(Orlando, Florida, 2017)

First Prize
Nayoung Lee

Honorable Mentions
Nathan Rojek
Jeffrey Scott, MD
Nicole Harter

7th Annual Allergen Bee
(Washington, DC, 2016)

First Prize
Divya Sambandan

Honorable Mentions
Jonathan Bonchak, MD
Zachary Pena
Dianne DeLeon
Amy Wentland
Jennifer Sbicca

6th Annual Allergen Bee
(San Francisco, California/March 2015)

First Prize
Emily Newsom, MD

Honorable Mentions
Divya Sambandon
Brienne Cressy, MD
JiaDe Yu, MD
Megan Dowling, MD

5th Allergen Bee
(Denver, Colorado/March 2014)

First Prize
Brandon Litzner, MD

Honorable Mentions
Elise Herro, MD
Nita Kohli, MD
Maxwell Sauder, MD
Jason Suszko, MD
Jake Turrentine, MD

4th Annual Allergen Bee
(Miami, Florida / February 2013)

First Prize
Jill Moore, MD

Honorable Mention
Nita Kohli, MD
Dana Marshall, MD
Mari Paz Castanedo Tardan, MD
Salma Faghri, MD

3rd Annual Allergen Bee
(San Diego / March 2012)

Alexander Jack, MD (1st prize)
Bishr Al Dabagh, MD (2nd prize)
Jackie Dosal, MD (3rd prize)
Rayna Dyck, MD (3rd prize)
Nita Kohli, MD (3rd prize)

2nd Annual Allergen Bee
(New Orleans/February 2011)

Jennifer Nguyen, MD - (1st place)
Heather Lampel, MD - (2nd place)
Gretchen Vanderbeek, MD (3rd place)

Honorable Mentions:
Patrick Dominguez, MD
Aaron Wong, MD
Brian Kim, MD
Amy Helms Flischel, MD
Charles Knapp, MD

1st Annual Allergen Bee
(Dallas/ October 2010)

Michael Sheehan, MD from Indiana University.


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