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Dermatitis Article of the Year Award

Each year, the ACDS Editorial/Publications Committee recognizes the top Dermatitis articles published in the previous calendar year. Eligible articles include original reviews and studies from the six print issues published within the previous calendar year. Awards are based on scientific contribution; clinical significance and impact on clinical practice and patient care; and innovation and evidence-based reasoning.

2020 Dermatitis Article of the Year Award

It is with great pleasure that ACDS would like to announce the 2020 Dermatitis Articles of the Year. Open access is granted until July 1st. Thank you to all the authors that contributed.

Dermatitis Article of the Year

Accuracy of Product Ingredient Labeling: Comparing Drugstore Products With Online Databases and Online Retailers
Jeanette R. Comstock, MD, and Margo J. Reeder, MD
Dermatitis. 31(2):106-111, March/April 2020

2nd Place Runner Up

Validating Responsiveness of a Quality-of-Life Instrument for Allergic Contact Dermatitis 
Jodie Raffi, BA, MD, Isabel Elaine Allen, PhD, and Nina Botto, MD
Dermatitis. 31(3):209-214, May/June 2020

3rd Place Runner Up

Dubiously Doubtful: An Exploration of the Literature Concerning Doubtful, Macular Erythema, “?+,” and “+/−” Patch Test Reactions 
Kevin K. Veverka, MD and Mark D. P. Davis, MD
Dermatitis. 31(1):36-41, January/February 2020

Dermatitis Review Article of the Year

Fragrances: Contact Allergy and Other Adverse Effects
Anton C. de Groot, MD, PhD
Dermatitis. 31(1):13-35, January/February 2020


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