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Dermatitis Article of the Year Award

Each year, the ACDS Editorial/Publications Committee recognizes the top Dermatitis articles published in the previous calendar year. Eligible articles include original reviews and studies from the six print issues published within the previous calendar year. Awards are based on scientific contribution; clinical significance and impact on clinical practice and patient care; and innovation and evidence-based reasoning.

2021 Dermatitis Article of the Year Award

It is with great pleasure that ACDS would like to announce the 2021 Dermatitis Articles of the Year. Open access is granted until July 1st. Thank you to all the authors that contributed.

Dermatitis Article of the Year

Transcriptomic Profiling of Tape-Strips From Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis Patients Treated With Dupilumab
Daniela Mikhaylov, BA, Ester Del Duca, MD, Caroline Meyer Olesen, MD, Helen He, MD, Jianni Wu, BS, Benjamin Ungar, MD, Yeriel Estrada, BS, Ning Zhang, MD, Mashkura Chowdhury, MS, Maja-Lisa Clausen, MD, PhD, James G. Krueger, MD, PhD, Ana B. Pavel, PhD, Tove Agner, MD, DMSc, and Emma Guttman-Yassky, MD, PhD
Dermatitis. 32(1S):S71-S80, October 2021

2nd Place Runner Up

Allergen Content of Best-Selling Ethnic Versus Nonethnic Shampoos, Conditioners, and Styling Products
Melanie Tawfik, MD, Larissa G. Rodriguez-Homs, MBS, Tiffany Alexander, MD, Stavonnie Patterson, MD, Ginette Okoye, MD, and Amber Reck Atwater, MD
Dermatitis. 32(2):101-110, March/April 2021

3rd Place Runner Up

Persistence of Isothiazolinones in Clothes After Machine Washing
Gabriel Marrero-Alemán, MD, Leopoldo Borrego, PhD, Ana González Antuña, PhD, Ana Macías Montes, DVM, and Octavio Pérez Luzardo, PhD
Dermatitis. 32(5):298-300, September/October 2021

Dermatitis Review Article of the Year

Patch Testing During Immunosuppressive Therapy: A Systematic Review
Asfandyar Mufti, MD, Justin D. Lu, MSc, Muskaan Sachdeva, BHSc, Hiba Zaaroura, MD, Nadia Kashetsky, MSc, Jensen Yeung, MD, Howard I. Maibach, MD, and Joel DeKoven, MD
Dermatitis. 32(6):365-374, November/December 2021


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