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Dermatitis Article of the Year Award

Each year, the ACDS Editorial/Publications Committee recognizes the top Dermatitis articles published in the previous calendar year. Eligible articles include original reviews and studies from the six print issues published within the previous calendar year. Awards are based on scientific contribution; clinical significance and impact on clinical practice and patient care; and innovation and evidence-based reasoning.

2023 Dermatitis Article of the Year Award

It is with great pleasure that ACDS would like to announce the 2023 Dermatitis Articles of the Year. Open access is granted until July 1st. Thank you to all the authors that contributed.

Dermatitis Article of the Year

Assessment of Contact Allergens in ‘‘Hypoallergenic’’ Athletic Shoes by Mass Spectrometry
Walter Liszewski, MD, Benjamin Owen, PhD, Elise Fournier, BS, Lillian Kerchinsky, BS, Jason Wei, BS, and Andrew Scheman, MD
DERMATITIS, Vol 34 • No 6 • November/December 2023

2nd Place Runner Up

Patch Testing in Patients with Severe Atopic Dermatitis Treated With Dupilumab: A Multicentric Approach in Spain
Alexandre Docampo-Simon, MD, Marıa J. Sanchez-Pujol, MD, Maria A. Pastor-Nieto, MD, Ana Gimenez-Arnau, MD, PhD, Mercedes Rodrıguez-Serna, MD, Esther Serra-Baldrich, MD, PhD, Javier Miquel, MD, Javier Sanchez-Perez, MD, PhD, Tatiana Sanz-Sanchez, MD, Violeta Zaragoza-Ninet, MD, PhD, Paloma Sanchez-Pedreno, MD, Jose M. Carrascosa, MD, PhD, Maria E. Gatica-Ortega, MD, Virginia Fernandez-Redondo, MD, PhD, Susana Cordoba-Guijarro, MD, Ricardo Gonzalez-Perez, MD, and Juan F. Silvestre, MD
DERMATITIS, Vol 34 • No 4 • July/August 2023

3rd Place Runner Up

Occupational Hand Dermatitis in Health Care: Development and Evaluation of an Online Training E-Module
Katherine A.P. Zagrodney, PhD, Emily C. King, PhD, Emmelie T.C.L. Mohammed, Kathryn A. Nichol, PhD, and D. Linn Holness, MD
DERMATITIS, Vol 34 • No 5 • September/October 2023

Dermatitis Review Article of the Year

Systemic Treatment of Cutaneous Adverse Events After Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy: A Review
Alexandria M. Brown, BSA, Wylie Masterson, BSA, Jonathan Lo, BS, and Anisha B. Patel, MD
DERMATITIS, Vol 34 • No 3 • May/June 2023

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