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AMA and Health Policy Committee

Committee Description:
The AMA and Health Policy Committee is responsible for serving as a liaison between the Society and the AAD/AADA and AMA in the development of policy issues and providing education resources to the membership on patch testing and other related issues.  

Council: Governance Council

Council Liaison and Committee Chair: Alexandra Flamm, MD

AMA Delegate Liaison: Bruce Brod, MD, MHCI

Alternate AMA Delegate Liaison: James Taylor, MD

Committee Members:

Jennifer Chen, MD
Katelyn Zimmer, MD
Craig Burkhart, MD, MPH
Carina Woodruff, MD
Jenny Murase, MD
Aamir Hussain, MD, MAPP
Nicole Burkemper, MD
Alexandra Hickman, MDalofe

Those interested in serving on the ACDS AMA and Health Policy Committee may submit a committee interest form for consideration in the upcoming year. Please contact or call (414) 918-9805 with any questions.


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