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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Healthcare Disparities

Committee Description:
The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Healthcare Disparities Committee is responsible for developing research, education and mentorship opportunities that promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the ACDS. We are committed to reducing healthcare disparities and advancing dermatitis care with a compassionate and socially conscious approach.

Council: Governance Council

Council Chair: Alexandra Flamm, MD

Co-Committee Chairs: Peggy Wu, MD; Marjorie Montanez-Wiscovich, MD, PhD; and MariPaz Castanedo, MD

Committee Members:

Morayo Adisa, MD
Nicole Burkemper, MD
Craig Burkhart, MD MPH
Anuk Burli, MD
Robert Daze, DO
Vincent Deleo, DO
Ida Duarte, MD
Rachit Gupta, BS
Golara Honari, MD
Nadine Kaskas, MD
Harry Liu, MD
Jenny Murase, MD
Asal Naderi, MD
Laurie Parsons, MD FRCPC
Jamie Schlarbaum, MD
Amir Shahlaee, MD
Nanette Silverberg, MD
Rithu Srikantha
Kayla St. Claire, MD
Kelly Wilmas, MD
Katelyn Zimmer, MD

Those interested in serving on the ACDS Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Healthcare Disparities may submit a committee interest form for consideration in the upcoming year. Please contact or call (414) 918-9805 with any questions.


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