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Finance, Audit and Investment Committee

Committee Description:
The Finance, Audit and Investment Committee is responsible for reviewing and providing guidance to the Board of Directors for all financial activities of the Society to include review of all financial statements, oversight of the annual audit, and development and annual review of the Society’s financial investment strategy.

Council: Finance Council

Committee Chair and Council Liaison: Kal Watsky, MD

Committee Members:
Joe Fowler, MD
Pamela Scheinman, MD
Jennifer Chen, MD
JiaDe "Jeff" Yu, MD
Alina Goldenberg, MD
Sonja Molin, MD
Ari Goldminz, MD

Those interested in serving on the ACDS Finance, Audit and Investment Committee may submit a committee interest form for consideration in the upcoming year. Please contact or call (414) 918-9805 with any questions.


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