Maibach Award History

Maibach Award History

Congratulations to this year's Howard I Maibach Travel Award Winner, Riti Bhatia, MD, for her talk on “Clinical and Patch Test Profile of Patients with Pigmented Cosmetic Dermatitis and Cosmetic Contact Dermatitis: A Tertiary Care Centre Experience"

Dr. Bhatia traveled from India to attend this year's annual meeting.


  Previous Winners of the Maibach Award  
2018 Riti Bhatia, MD  India
2017 Akhilesh Shukla, MD Delhi, India
2016 Vinod K. Sharma, MD India
2015 Kristian F. Mose, MD Denmark
2014  Iffat Hassan, MD     India
2013 Vinod Kumar Sharma, MD India
2013 Radoslaw Spiewak, MD Poland
2012 Kristian Mose, MD Denmark
2012 Vinod Kumar Sharma, MD India
2011 Neerja Puri, MD   India
2010 Jakob Torp Madsen, MD Denmark
2009 Inu Tiwari, MD Nepal
2008 Kristine Moreno Dillague, MD Philippines
2007 Mari Paz Castanedo, MD Mexico
2007 Kristina Morgardt Ryberg Sweden
2006 Victoria Garnemark, MD Spain
2006 Joseph N. Genebriera, MD Spain
2005 Vinod Kumar Sharma, MD   India
2005  Dan Slodownik, MD Israel
2004 Rosemary Nixon, MD Australia
2003 Lidija Kandolf-Sekulovic Yogoslavia
2003 Radoslaw Spiewak, MD Poland
2002 Nikolay Matveev, MD Russia
2002 Giovanni Pellacani, MD Italy
2001 Sharon Merims, MD Israel
2001 Sibylle Schliemann-Willers, MD Germany
2000 Andrea Bauer, MD Germany
2000  Heli Majamaa, MD  Finland
1999 Thomas Andersson, MD Swedon
1998 Dimiter Ilier, MD Switzerland
1997 Lasse O. Kanerva, MD Switzerland
1996 Marlene Isaksson, MD Sweden
1995 Audi S. Nassif, MD France




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