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Fisher Resident Award History

2021 Fisher Resident Award

  • Gold Award
    Alyssa G. Ashbaugh, BA - Characterization of Residual Facial Dermatitis on Dupilumab (DFD): A Retrospective Chart Review to Delineate the Potential Role of Expanded Series Patch Testing 
  • Silver Award
    Vaibhav S. Garg, BS - Patterns of Allergic Contact Dermatitis in African Americans and Caucasians in a Major Metropolitan Area over a Ten-Year Period
  • Bronze Award
    Jenna L. Ruggiero, BS - Formaldehyde Release from Electronic Cigarette Liquid (E-Liquid)

2020 Fisher Resident Award

  • Idy Tam, MS (Gold)
  • Rachit Gupta, BA (Silver)
  • Y. Linda Liou, DO (Bronze)

2019 Fisher Resident Award

  • Jeanett Comstock, BA (Gold)
  • Jodie Raffi, BA (Silver)
  • L. Claire Hollins, MD (Bronze)

2018 Fisher Resident Award

  • Molly Goodier (Gold)
  • Sara Hylwa (Silver)
  • Anne Boyd (Bronze)

2017 Fisher Resident Award

  • Kevin Beene (Gold)
  • Sam Dekoven (Silver)
  • Camille Loranger (Bronze)

2016 Fisher Resident Award

  • Margaret Hammond, BS (Gold)
  • Annika Selvick (Silver)
  • Jennifer Chen, BS (Bronze)


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