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Marcy Alvarez, DO Sharon Foster Gardepe, MD Greg Kaina Sakamoto, MD
John S. Anthony, MD Sandra Gawchik, DO Pamela L. Scheinman, MD
Amber Atwater, MD Lyne Giroux, MD FRCP(C) Emily J. Schwarz, MD PhD
Pamela B. Baines, MD Stephen E. Helms, MD Meagan W. Shepherd, MD
Bruce A. Brod, MD MHCI Alexandra W. Hickman, MD Nanette Silverberg, MD
Craig Burkhart, MD MPH Brian Lester, MD Vermen M. Verallo-Rowell, MD
Jennifer Chen, MD Jocelyn A. Lieb, MD Kalman L. Watsky, MD
David E. Cohen, MD Arthur M. Lubitz, MD George R. Woodbury, Jr., MD
Sophia Colantonio, MPH MD Marjorie Montanez-Wiscovich, MD Sven Wust, MD
Alison Ehrlich, MD MHS Doug Powell, MD & Stephanie Powell JiaDe Yu, MD
Jerri A. Alexiou, MD Jori Psencik-Cohen Network for Good
  Texas Instruments Foundation  



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