Propolis Review

A review article on propolis was published in Dermatitis (De Groot AC. Propolis: a review of properties, applications, chemical composition, contact allergy, and other adverse effects. Dermatitis 2013;24:263-82).

Propolis (bee glue) is an extremely complex substance, which may contain well over over a hundred components; only some examples were mentioned in the article. Meanwhile, Dr. de Groot has contacted one of the world's leading experts on propolis, Prof. Vassya S. Bankova from Sofia, Bulgaria. Together with one of her co-workers, Dr. Milena Popova, they reviewed the relevant literature and composed a list of chemicals that have been found by analytical investigation in the most widely used propolis, the 'poplar-type' propolis. This list contains 344 compounds, subdivided in chemical categories and tabulated alphabetically with synonyms, CAS numbers and references.

The pfd file (ISBN/EAN:978-90-813233-0-7, 11 pages) can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.

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