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Dermatitis Journal Deputy Editor-in-Chief

The American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) invites members to apply for the position of Deputy Editor-in-Chief (Deputy EiC) for its flagship journal, Dermatitis. There are two positions available and each position will serve for a five year term.

Dermatitis is owned by the ACDS, and is the home journal for the ACDS, Societa Italiana di Dermatologica Allergologica Professionale e Ambientale, Experimental Contact Dermatitis Research Group, International Contact Dermatitis Research Group, and North American Contact Dermatitis Group. The journal focuses on contact, atopic, occupational, and drug/device dermatitis. It publishes 6 issues annually with an approximate total of 380 print pages and 60 online-only pages.

Based on the 2018-2019 data, Dermatitis is ranked 8th of 68 journals in dermatology, with an impact factor of 3.988.

Deputy EiC Responsibilities

The Deputy EiC will assist the EiC with:

  • Manuscript screening, triage and review;
  • Overseeing journal performance;
  • Preparation of reports for the ACDS Board of Directors; and
  • Other duties deemed useful to the journal on an as needed basis, including serving as interim EiC during any extended leave or vacation by the latter. A special responsibility for each Deputy EiC is to produce a themed, online only issue to be created in close consultation and coordination with the EiC and the publishing staff.

The Deputy EiC is a volunteer position with eligible travel expenses for designated meetings including journal retreats.

Application Process

ACDS membership is required for this position. Submissions must include:

  1. Letter of interest that states why the applicant is interested in the Deputy EiC and the strengths he/she brings to the position (300 words or less)
  2. Curriculum vitae including bibliography
  3. Three references, who the ACDS may contact, regarding the applicant’s qualifications for the position. 

Current or past members of the Dermatitis Editorial Board are encouraged to apply.

Application Timeline

Deadline for submitting applications is December 1, 2020. Virtual interviews of selected candidates will be conducted by video or teleconference in December. The selected candidates will begin working under the guidance of Dermatitis Editor-in-Chief (EIC), Anthony Gaspari, beginning January 1, 2021.

Please submit your letter of interest via email to

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