History of Fisher Lectureship

History of Fisher Lecture

2018 Kathryn Zug, MD
"Applied Aphorisms and Contact Allergy Revelations"

2017 Frank Gerberick, MD
"The Evolution of Test Methods for Assessing the Skin Sensitization Potential of Chemicals"

2016 Anthony A. Gaspari, MD
"The Immunology of Contact Dermatitis... or Something to do with T-Cells"

2015 Andrew Scheman, MD
"Contact allergy Cross-Reactors"

2014 David Cohen, MD, MPH
"Contact Dermatitis: Back to the Future"

2013 Erin Warshaw, MD
"Contact Dermatitis Conundrums"

2012 Jon Hanifin, MD
"The Spectrum of Allergies in the Eczemas"

2011 James Leyden, MD
"The R.I.P.T. - an insensitive test"

2010 Boris Lushniak, MD, MPH
"I'm from the Government and I'm here to ..."

2009 Jean-Marie LaChapelle, MD
"History of Patch Testing"

2008 Denis Sasseville, MD
"Phytodermatitis: An Overview"

2007 Vincent De Leo, MD
"Photomedicine Meets Contact Dermatitis: Photochemical Sensitivity or Shining Light on Patch Testing"

2006 Magnus Bruze, MD
"Occupational Dermatoses in Southern Sweden"

2005 Melanie Pratt, MD
"The Role of Mentoring in Contact Dermatitis"

2004 James G. Marks, Jr, MD
"Poison Ivy-Oak Dermatitis"

2003 Michael Bigby, MD
"Is an Evidence-Based Approach to Interpreting Patch Test Results Possible? "

2002 Jere Guin, MD
"Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and Sumac: The Plants, the Science and the Clinical"

2001 Elizabeth Sherertz, M.D.
"Evidence-Based Outcomes in Contact Dermatitis"

2000 Richard J. G. Rycroft, M.D., FRCP, FFOM, DIH
"Relevance or Oh! Let us never, never doubt what nobody is sure about!"

1999 Joseph F. Fowler, Jr., M.D.
 “Outlook for Contact Dermatitis in the Next Millennium (and what I learned the hard way in this one)”

1998 Robert L. Rietschel, M.D. 
"The Contemporary Challenges of Contact Dermatitis"

1997 Ronald Brancaccio, M.D. 
"A Perspective on Patch Testing in America"

1996 Donald Belsito, M.D.
"The Pathophysiology of Allergic Contact Dermatitis"

1995 James S. Taylor, M.D. 
"Latex Allergy"

1994 No meeting

1993 Howard Maibach, M.D.
"Contact Urticaria Syndrome- 25th Anniversary"

1992 Frances Storrs, M.D.
"All the Things I Knew Were True About Contact Dermatitis that Aren’t."

1991 Robert M. Adams, M.D.
“What’s New and What’s Worth Knowing”

 1990 An Dooms Goossens, M.D.
“Unusual” presentations of contact allergy to cosmetics

1989 Rudolf L. Baer, M.D.
"Allergic Contact Dermatitis: A Historical View of It’s Mechanism"

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