Board of Directors

Officers and Board of Directors - 2017



ACDS President
Sharon Jacob, MD (2017-2019)
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA

President- Elect
Amber Atwater, MD (2017-2019)
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC

Michael Sheehan, MD (2017-2019)
Contact Dermatitis Center
Columbus, IN

Cory Dunnick, MD (2017-2021)
University of Colorado
Denver, CO

Immediate Past President
Bruce Brod, MD (2017-2019)
Dermatology Associates of Lancaster
Lancaster, PA

Executive Director
Cynthia Froehlich
American Contact Dermatitis Society
2323 North State Street #30
Bunnell FL 32110 USA
Tel. (386) 437-4405
Fax (386) 437-4427



BOARD MEMBERS_________________

Nina Botto, MD (2015-2018)
University of California San Franciso
San Francisco, CA  

Glen H Crawford, MD (2015-2018)
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Heather P Lampel, MD, MPH (2015-2018)
Duke University
Durham, NC  27707  

Anthony Gaspari, MD (2016-2019)
Lancaster, PA

Jonathan Silverberg, MD (2016-2019)
Northwestern University
Chicago, IL 

Margo Reeder, MD (2016-2019)
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI

Jennifer Chen, MD (2017-2020)
Stanford Medical Outpatient Center
Redwood City, CA

Christen Mowad, MD (2017-2020)
Geisinger Medical Center
Danville, PA

Jonathan Zippin, MD (2017-2020)  
Weill Cornell Medical College
New York, NY




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