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Any resident in training at any approved training center worldwide shall be eligible to become an e-Resident member of the Society with proper certification of their residency/training status. e-Residents memberships are free of charge until one year past the conclusion of their residency/training program. E-Resident members are not eligible to hold elected office or vote and do not receive a printed copy of the society's official journal (Dermatitis), nor serve on a committee.

E-resident members will receive free electronic access to the society's official journal (Dermatitis), as well as free access to CAMP (Contact Allergen Management Program). E-resident members are also eligible for reduced registration fees for the Society's annual meeting. 

Application or nominations for admission to the various classes of membership shall be submitted as follows:

Each applicant for Resident status shall complete and submit an application form, which must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the Chief of Service at his or her training institution, and the name of the designated ACDS Fellow or Associate member from their institution.

Note: Before you apply, be sure to have your letter of training status confirmation from your director on your institution's letterhead prepared to either fax to 1-386-437-4427 OR email to info@contactderm.org.

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