Resident Membership

Application Procedures

Each eligible resident in dermatology or related training program must submit an application accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the Chief of the Dermatology Service at his/her training institution. Application fee and dues must accompany application form.

Temporary membership includes all rights of membership except the right to vote, hold office and committee appointments, or attend the business portion of the annual meeting, until the application is approved by a majority vote of members at the next regular business meeting of the Society at which such applications are to be considered.

Residents: Any dermatology resident in good standing in training at any approved training center in North, Central or South America shall be eligible to become a Resident of this Society. Residents shall have all of the rights of Fellows except that they shall not be eligible to serve in any elective office except as designated by Bylaws of this Society. Residents shall be required to pay all dues and assessments imposed on Resident Fellows under Article IX of these Bylaws and shall be obligated to observe all Bylaws and administrative regulations of the Society.

These rights include the printed and online versions of the journal, Dermatitis, as well as access to the Contact Allergen Management Program (CAMP) database.  Resident members may vote but not serve in elective offices. 

Dues are $125.00 per year for Resident Members.

Note: Residents may also opt to join as e-Resident members who receive the journal, Dermatitis, free of charge electronically as well as access to CAMP.  e-Resodemt ,members do not have voting rights nor can they serve on committees or elective office.  For more information on e-Resident membership, go to

Members are not permitted to speak/act on behalf of or as a representative of the Society unless authorized to do so.

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