American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS)
September 4, 2018

Message from the President

The ACDS MISSION: The objectives of our non-for-profit Society are to promote, support, develop and stimulate information about contact dermatitis and occupational skin disease, provide a forum for the exchange of information, and to promote the education and investigative research into these fields.

The members of our society are a special group of individuals. Together, we share an enormous responsibility to our patients and to our specialty. I am honored to stand with the compassionate professionals who are on the front line of research, clinical care, and physician education. Leading our society is a volunteer board of directors who is committed to making the organization the very best it can be.

This year, the board engaged a consulting firm, Bloch & Reed Association Advisors to conduct a global assessment of the governance and management practices of the ACDS. They provided evidence-based feedback and various prescriptive measures to increase the effectiveness of our society. The consulting team lead the board through a review of the Vision, Mission and strategic plan. We examined our governance practices and the member value proposition, and we gained valuable insights about our organizational culture. Thank you to all members who completed the strength-based questionnaire and gave constructive feedback through countless interviews. This data provided valuable insights into how the ACDS can best serve the membership. The board will continue to use your input during a leadership and governance workshop that will lay the foundation for a new strategic plan.

Additionally, we have made terrific progress in reviving the mid-year meeting, strengthening CAMP, and executing new investment strategies. The board also conducted a detailed assessment of the society's management needs and our increasing requirements in the areas of technology and advocacy. As a result of this assessment, the board has elected to transition to a new management partner, Executive Director, Inc. (EDI) in the Fall of 2018. Our current Executive Director, Cindy Froehlich, MBA, has had an outstanding 17-year career, nurturing a budding ACDS society and helping to strengthen and grow the organization and its leaders. Over the next few months, Cindy will be working closely with the Executive Committee as we execute a seamless transition. In honor of Cindy's legacy with the ACDS, we will be celebrating her contributions at the 30th Anniversary Gala in Washington, DC on February 28, 2019.

"Stay in Contact!"

Sharon Jacob, MD

Sharon Jacob, MD
President, ACDS 2017-2019

Obituary (Sophie Worobec)

With sadness, we acknowledge that Sophie Marie Worobec, BS 1970, MD 1973, died July 12, 2018 at age 69. She and her twin brother, Thomas George, were born in Manhattan, NY to Ukrainian Refugee Parents on Oct. 19, 1948, just months after her parents had arrived in the U.S. as Displaced Persons in the post-World War II era, having been sponsored by their father's brother, Jack (Jakiv) Worobec.

She was board certified in dermatology and dermatopathology. She worked in the field of contact dermatitis from 1973 until 2013, and she directed the Cutaneous Lymphomas and Related Diseases Clinic at UIC COM 1999 to 2018. As a proud ACDS member, she served on various committees and on the Board of Directors.

Jim Taylor, MD (Cleveland Clinic) wrote, "Sophie was also an occupational dermatologist and we had a common interest in having seen and written about patients with chloracne as well as with contact dermatitis; she also worked with Peter Orris, MD and the Department of Occupational Medicine at UI... She was bright, inquisitive, and always very pleasant, calm, cool and collected. Sophie was a wonderful representative and leader of our specialty, was dedicated to her patients and to dermatology and was an important contributor to our literature. She left us way too soon."

Committee and Task Force Updates

As you read these updates, please consider getting involved in your Society. Our committees and task forces look for new members in the spring to transition into these roles, bringing fresh ideas to the table and helping the Society consider new ways to serve its members. Please contact Cindy Froehlich with your interests.

Task Force: Scope of Patch Test Capabilities

Your Team: Pat Engasser and Heather Lampel, Co-Chairs, Brian Machler, Dianne Silvestri, Michael Sheehan

Update: We have agreed to these searchable notations for patch testing in the directory:

(T) TRUE Test - Basic
(A) ACDS Core 80/NACDG screen
(E) Extended Patch Testing
(P) Photo Patch Testing
(D) Drug Patch Testing
(O) Occupational work-up
(C) Children/Pediatric (<12 yo) Patch Testing

Members will have 3 modes to update their elected notations- fax, data-gathering link, and on the membership profile update.

CAMP Global Assessment Task Force
Your Team: Jenny Murase and Bryan Anderson (co-chairs), Jonathan Silverberg, Jonathan Zippin, Jeff Yu, Salma de la Feld, Andrew Scheman, Margo Reeder, Brian Machler, Bruce Brod, Nina Botto, Jodie Raffi (Special Project Liaison).

Update: The Task Force has been hard at work the past several months developing a set of recommendations on how we can improve one of the most valuable resources for our members:

The Contact Allergen Management Program (CAMP). Our goals are to make this database even more user-friendly to the physicians and patients and be the most valuable online resource for those suffering from allergic contact dermatitis. Drs. Silverberg and Zippin through their research in understanding the patient experience with CAMP are evaluating best practice measurements for CAMP and designing additional features for the website and app. Drs. Yu and de la Feld are looking at ways to expand the database and evaluating the CAMP platform. Drs. Scheman and Reeder are outlining parameters for maintenance and research. Drs. Machler and Brod are examining long range development to optimize CAMP utilization, visibility, and innovation. Drs. Botto and Raffi are examining how we can develop the patient and physician portals. We will present our findings at the annual meeting.

CAMP Cross-reactions Committee:
Your Team: Jonathan Zippin, Jonathan Silverberg

Education Committee:
Your Team: Bryan Anderson, Kathryn Zug, Alison Ehrlich, Catalina Matiz, Jennifer Chen, Apra Sood.

Update: We plan to assist the Interactive Media Committee to expand the educational resources on the ACDS website. If there is a topic you'd like to see on the website, let us know! The committee has a great breakout session planned for the ACDS Annual meeting, February 28, 2019, in Washington D.C. and we hope to see you there.

Membership Committee:
Your Team: Rajani Katta, Chair, J, Tracy Novosel, Apra Sood

Update: The Membership Committee is working on the processes for welcoming new members, with an updated welcome email highlighting the resources available to new members, as well as a planned new members' table at the annual ACDS meeting.


30th Annual Meeting of the ACDS
Washington D.C. / February 28, 2019.

Highlights of the meeting include the Allergen Bee, resident presentations, the Fisher Lecture, and a great Hot Topics session, Gala to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.

Professional Development Update - Calling all Mentees!

The ACDS offers mentorship awards that young dermatologists can apply for biannually to spend time with a contact dermatitis expert. To highlight this professional development opportunity, we'd like to share some experiences from former mentees or mentors. Please contact the Society at with your story about how this experience impacted your career.

2019 Call for Nominations - Help Select Your Future Leaders

In accordance with Article VI, Section 3 (a) and 3 (b) of the Bylaws of the American Contact Dermatitis Society, the Society is seeking nominations for the following expiring Board positions.

  • President-Elect
  • Directors (3 Openings)

If you, or someone you know, wish to be considered for nomination, please submit by September 4, 2018, a short letter of submission on how the nominee would contribute to the board, including a history of previous Society positions and notable skills, and a curriculum vitae online at

Click here for more information.

ACDS Mid-Year Upcoming Meeting

ACDS Mid-Year Meeting "Pioneers In Dermatitis"
September 28-29, 2018, Denver, CO

This year marks the 2nd annual mid-year meeting hosted by the American Contact Dermatitis Society. At the March 2017, pre-meeting in Orlando we used Open Spaces to define gaps in dermatitis care. This year's meeting in Denver, the "Mile-High City", is centered around providing information and networking opportunities to begin to fill those gaps in advocacy, patient and provider education, and research. We will feature an interactive program time for all members, including residents, to explore opportunities to contribute in areas of research and patient engagement. In addition, we will have work groups to help new members and patient attendees explore opportunities to contribute to the mission of the ACDS.

We will hear from international experts about Dermatitis education provided to residents and fellows in the UK. We will also hear from our Allergy colleagues at National Jewish in Denver about cutaneous immune response in atopic dermatitis. We will learn about how to best use the power of social media and how our patients can receive peer support through social media.

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Thank you to our current sponsors for the ACDS Mid Year conference





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