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PowerPoint Presentations

The following PowerPoint presentations are available (they are PowerPoint only presentations and do not have audio). After viewing the presentations, you will be able to claim your CME credit.

Fisher Resident Presentations

  • A Systematic Review of Photopatch Test Results from 2009-2019: Proposed Stratification of Photoallergens Based on Frequency and Clinical Relevance; Taehan Kim, PhD
  • Identifying Acrylates in Medical Adhesives; Idy Tam, MS
  • Analysis of a Convenience Sample of Slime Kits for Isothiazolinones Using a Novel Colorimetric Test; Keegan O'Hern, BA
  • Carba Mix Misses 40% of Reactions to Diphenylguanidine: Retrospective Analysis from the North American Contact Dermatitis Group; Rachit Gupta, BS
  • Formaldehyde Release from Pre-Dispersed Tattoo Inks: Analysis Using the Chromotropic Acid Method; Y. Linda Liou, DO
  • Scalp Allergic Contact Dermatitis: Retrospective Analysis of North American Contact Dermatitis Group Data, 1996 to 2016; Sara A. Kullberg, BA
  • Contact Dermatitis Associated with Nail Care Products: Retrospective Analysis of North American Contact Dermatitis Group Data, 2001 – 2016; Lindsey M. Voller, BA
  • Patch Testing: The Patient Experience; Rebecca Kimyon, BS
  • Patch Testing is Increasingly Being Performed by Non-Dermatologists: Retrospective Analysis of Medicare Part B Claims, 2010-2016; Adarsh Ravishankar, BS
  • A Mini-Epidemic of Suspected Contact Dermatitis to Delta Airlines® Uniforms: Clinical Pearls and Lessons Learned; Jamie P. Schlarbaum, BS

General Presentations

  • Effect of Limited Versus Extended Series Patch Testing on a Commercially Insured Population, Oluwatobi (Tobi) Ogbechie-Godec, MD MBA
  • Non-Metallic Medical Device Dermatitis, Sara Hylwa, MD
  • Clogs: An Excellent (and Fashionable!) Option for Individuals with Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Shoes; Lindsey M. Voller, BA
  • YouTube as a Source of Information on Contact Dermatitis; Brandon Adler, MD
  • Follow-up Study of the Workplace Prescription and the Implementation of Recommendations; Benjamin DeKoven, BSc
  • Epidemiological Study of Patients with Contact Allergy To Ammonium Persulfate; Abdullah Alajaji, MD
  • Sensitization Risk Assessment for the Occupational Exposure of Hairdressers to Hair Dyes Indicates an Increased Margin of Safety for ME-PPD Compared to PPD; Carsten Goebel, PhD
  • Nail Salon Procedures/Treatments and Contact Dermatitis, David Orton, BSc MBBS MRCP

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