Clinical Research Fellowship Award History


2019 Award

  • Rebecca Kimyon, MD – “Biologic Activity of Rubber Accelerators in Accelerator - Free Gloves”
  • Yujie Linda Liou, DO – “Analysis of Formaldehyde Content in Tattoo Inks”
  • JiaDe "Jeff" Yu, MD - "Identification of Potential Allergens in Adhesives in Wound Dressings"

2018 Award

  • Ari Goldminz, MD - “Allergen specific T cells and effector cytokines in ACD after allergen avoidance”
  • Lindsey Voller - “Analysis of Formaldehyde Content in Nail Polish”

2017 Award

  • Anne Boyd - "Analysis of Formaldehyde Content in Textiles and Personal Care Products"
  • Kelly Aschenbeck - "Mass Spectrometry of Topical Products Containing Toxicodendron Extracts"

2016 Award

  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Sanna Ronkainen - "An Investigation of Accelerator-Free Gloves"
  • Anna Kersh - "Identifying Excipient Dye-Related Contact Allergy Using a Novel Patch Test"
  • Jeffrey Scott - "Cutaneous Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity in Extrinsic and Intrinsic Atopic Dermatitis"

2015 Award

  • Katherine Grey, MMRF - "Epidemiology and Co-Reactivity of Novel Surfactant Allergens: A double-blind randomized controlled study"
  • Solveig Hagen, BS - "Dermatitis in North American Production Workers: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Data from the North American Contact Dermatitis Group 1996-2014."

2014 Award

  • Anh Khoa Pham, MD - “A Pilot Study to Develop Optical Mark Recognition Technology to Enhance Patch Test Data Collection and Analysis”

2013 Award

  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Nita Kohli, MD, MPH - “Patterns of Sensitization in Occupational Contact Dermatitis”
  • John Harris, MD - “Development of Tandem Patch Test Series and In Vitro Assays using Vitiligo Patient Melanocytes for Clinical Screening of Household Chemicals that Worsen their Disease”

2012 Award

  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Marie-Claude Houle, MD - “Development of a Workplace Prescription to Facilitate Return to Work for Workers with Occupational Skin Disease”

2011 Award

  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Srihari Raju, MD - “Concomitant reactions between Mercpto Mix and Mercaptobenzothiazole: A Retrospective Analysis of North American Contact Dermatitis Group 1994-2008”

2010 Award

  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Aieska de Souza, MD - “Allergic contact dermatitis to benzoyl peroxide: a retrospective review of cases”
  • Heather Lampel, MD MPH -“Phthalates in Baby Skincare Products”

2009 Award

  • Joseph Kerbleski, MD - Contact Allergens Casuing Chronic Urticaria in a New England-Area Population


  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Tina Suneja, MD - Occupational dermatitis in machinists, mechanics and metal workers evaluated for suspected contact dermatitis
  • Nina Botta, MD - Positive Patch Test Reactions to Propylene Glycol: A Cross-Sectional Epidemiological Study of the NACDG Data from 1994-2006


  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Sarah Schram, MD - Contact Dermatitis in North American Healthcare Workers
  • Britanny Wilson, MD - Sunscreen Allergens in Patients Who Report Having a "Reaction" to Sunscreens


  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Daniel E. McGinley-Smith, MD - Pediatric Contact Dermatitis, The NACDG Experience
  • Travis Widman, MD - Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Medical Adhesive Bandages in Patients who Report Having a "Reaction" to Medical Bandages


  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Valerie Harvey, MD - An Analysis of Paraben Sensitivity in Patients Treated with Aldara
  • Sharon Jacob, MD - An Improved Delivery System for the Atopy Patch Test


  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Glen H. Crawford, MD - Ascertainment of Hand Dermatitis Validating an Occupational Skin Questionnaire
  • Sachin Bhardwaj, MD - A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo Controlled Trial Comparing Topical Immunomodulating Agents and Corticosteroids for Treatment of Experimentally Induced Nickel Contact Dermatitis.


  • Christina Shaffer, MD MPH - Allergenicity & Cross-Reactivity Of Coconut Oil Derivatives


  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Eric Simpson, MD - Project: Prevalence of Contact Allergy to Plant Extracts in Users of Botanic al Products”
  • Christina Anderson, MD - Correlation of the house dust mite patch test with RAST and prick testing in atopic patients with and without atopic dermatitis


  • Nethercott Research Award
    • Lori Schaen, MD - Vulvar Pruritus and Allergic Contact Dermatitis
  • Erin Warshaw, MD - Effectiveness of a Convenient and Cost-Effective Method of Patch Testing


  • Han N. Lee, MD - Cross Reactivity Between Epoxy Acrylates and New Epoxy Resins in Patients with Prior Epoxy Sensitivity 
  • Alison Ehrlich, MD - Metal Allergies – The Role of Body Piercing


  • Micsunica-Elvira St. Chiritescu, MD - The Correlation Between the Allergy to the Metal/Cement Constituents of the Total Hip Prostheses and Aseptic Loosening of the Total Hip Replacement Implants 
  • Marylou Thelmo, MD - Mechanism of Irritant Dermatitis in Man


  • Paul Harrison, MD - The Effect of Topical Amiloride on Urushiol Patch Test Reactivity in Subjects with Poison Ivy/Poison Oak Cutaneous Hypersensitivity
  • Robin Schaffran, MD - Prevalence of Gold Sensitivity in Asymptomatic Individuals with Gold Dental Restorations 
  • Shari L. Skinner, MD - Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Preservatives in Topical Medicaments 
  • Kathryn A. Zug, MD - A Clinical Value Compass Approach Assessing the Multidimensional Outcomes of a Patch Tested Population