CRF History

History of Awards

2017 Award

Anne Boyd
"Analysis of Formaldehyde Content in Textiles and Personal Care Products"

Kelly Aschenbeck
"Mass Spectrometry of Topical Products Containing Toxicodendron Extracts"

2016 Award

Nethercott Award
Sanna Ronkainen
"An Investigation of Accelerator-Free Gloves"

Anna Kersh
"Identifying Excipient Dye-Related Contact Allergy Using a Novel Patch Test"

Jeffrey Scott
"Cutaneous Delayed-Type Hypersensitivity in Extrinsic and Intrinsic Atopic Dermatitis"

2015 Award

Katherine Grey, MMRF
"Epidemiology and Co-Reactivity of Novel Surfactant Allergens: A double-blind randomized controlled study"

Solveig Hagen, BS
"Dermatitis in North American Production Workers: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Data from the North American Contact Dermatitis Group 1996-2014."

2014 Award

Anh Khoa Pham, MD, 
“A Pilot Study to Develop Optical Mark Recognition Technology to Enhance Patch Test Data Collection and Analysis”

2013 Award

Nethercott Award
Nita Kohli, MD, MPH
“Patterns of Sensitization in Occupational Contact Dermatitis”

John Harris, MD,
“Development of Tandem Patch Test Series and In Vitro Assays using Vitiligo Patient Melanocytes for Clinical Screening of Household Chemicals that Worsen their Disease”

2012 Award

Nethercott Award
Marie-Claude Houle, MD
“Development of a Workplace Prescription to Facilitate Return to Work for Workers with Occupational Skin Disease”

2011 Award

Nethercott Award
Srihari Raju, MD
“Concomitant reactions between Mercpto Mix and Mercaptobenzothiazole: A Retrospective Analysis of North American Contact Dermatitis Group 1994-2008”

2010 Award

Nethercott Award
Aieska de Souza, MD
“Allergic contact dermatitis to benzoyl peroxide: a retrospective review of cases”

Heather Lampel, MD, MPH
“Phthalates in Baby Skincare Products”

2009 Award

Joseph Kerbleski, MD
Contact Allergens Casuing Chronic Urticaria in a New England-Area Population


Nethercott Research Award
Tina Suneja, MD
Occupational dermatitis in machinists, mechanics and metal workers evaluated for suspected contact dermatitis

Nina Botta, MD
Positive Patch Test Reactions to Propylene Glycol: A Cross-Sectional Epidemiological Study of the NACDG Data from 1994-2006


Nethercott Research Award
Sarah Schram, MD
Contact Dermatitis in North American Healthcare Workers

Britanny Wilson, MD
Sunscreen Allergens in Patients Who Report Having a "Reaction" to Sunscreens


Nethercott Award
Daniel E. McGinley-Smith, MD
Pediatric Contact Dermatitis, The NACDG Experience

Travis Widman, MD
Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Medical Adhesive Bandages in Patients who Report Having a "Reaction" to Medical Bandages


Nethercott Research Award
Valerie Harvey, MD
An Analysis of Paraben Sensitivity in Patients Treated with Aldara

Sharon Jacob, MD
An Improved Delivery System for the Atopy Patch Test


Nethercott Research Award
Glen H. Crawford, M.D.
Ascertainment of Hand Dermatitis Validating an Occupational Skin Questionnaire

Sachin Bhardwaj, M.D.
A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo Controlled Trial Comparing Topical Immunomodulating Agents and Corticosteroids for Treatment of Experimentally Induced Nickel Contact Dermatitis.


(No Nethercott Award) 

Christina Shaffer, M.D., M.P.H.
Allergenicity & Cross-Reactivity Of Coconut Oil Derivatives


Nethercott Award
Eric Simpson, MD
Oregon Health Sciences University
Project: Prevalence of Contact Allergy to Plant Extracts in Users of Botanic al Products”

Christina Anderson, MD 
Correlation of the house dust mite patch test with RAST and prick testing in atopic patients with and without atopic dermatitis


Nethercott Award
Lori Schaen, MD 
Vulvar Pruritus and Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Erin Warshaw, MD 
Effectiveness of a Convenient and Cost-Effective Method of Patch Testing


Han N. Lee, MD
Cross Reactivity Between Epoxy Acrylates and New Epoxy Resins in Patients with Prior Epoxy Sensitivity 

Alison Ehrlich, MD 
Metal Allergies – The Role of Body Piercing


Micsunica-Elvira St. Chiritescu, MD 
The Correlation Between the Allergy to the Metal/Cement Constituents of the Total Hip Prostheses and Aseptic Loosening of the Total Hip Replacement Implants 

Marylou Thelmo, MD 
Mechanism of Irritant Dermatitis in Man

1997 CRF Winners 

Paul Harrison, MD 
The Effect of Topical Amiloride on Urushiol Patch Test Reactivity in Subjects with Poison Ivy/Poison Oak Cutaneous Hypersensitivity

Robin Schaffran, MD
Prevalence of Gold Sensitivity in Asymptomatic Individuals with Gold Dental Restorations 

Shari L. Skinner, MD 
Allergic Contact Dermatitis to Preservatives in Topical Medicaments 

Kathryn A. Zug, MD
A Clinical Value Compass Approach Assessing the Multidimensional Outcomes of a Patch Tested Population