Board of Directors

Officers and Board of Directors - 2015



ACDS President
Bruce Brod, MD (2015-2017)
Dermatology Associates of Lancaster
Lancaster, PA

President- Elect
Sharon Jacob, MD (2015-2017
Loma Linda University
Loma Linda, CA

Kalman Watsky, MD (2015-2017)
Yale University
New Haven, CT

Rita Lloyd, MD (2013-2017)
Department of Dermatology
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI

Immediate Past President
Susan Nedorost, MD
Case Western Reserve
27833 Hilliard Road
Westlake, OH 44145

Executive Director
Cynthia Froehlich
American Contact Dermatitis Society
2323 North State Street #30
Bunnell FL 32110 USA
Tel. (386) 437-4405
Fax (386) 437-4427

BOARD MEMBERS_________________

Rajani Katta, MD (2013-2016)
Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

Cory Dunnick, MD (2013-2016)
University of Colorado at Denver
Denver, CO

Douglas Powell, MD (2013-2016)
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Amber Atwater, MD (2014-2017)
Duke University Medical Center
Durham, NC

Michael Sheehan, MD (2014-2017)
Contact Dermatitis Center
Columbus, IN

Apra Sood, MD (2014-2017)
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland, OH

Nina Botto, MD (2015-2018)
University of California San Franciso
San Francisco, CA  

Glen H Crawford, MD (2015-2018)
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Heather P Lampel, MD, MPH (2015-2018)
Duke University
Durham, NC  27707  





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American Contact Dermatitis Society
2323 North State Street #30, Bunnell, FL 32110 USA
(386) 437-4405, Fax (386) 437-4427
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