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The Amercian Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS) is developing a new database for use by dermatologists. Your participation in this program demonstrates your company's commitment to consumer safety. The database will contain the names and ingredients of personal care products that are on the market. It will be used by dermatologists to help find products for patients who need to avoid specific ingredients. In other words, instead of a list of products to avoid, the patient will receive a list of products that he/she can use.

The data that will populate the database will be the publicly available ingredient lists that are mandatory on all personal care products.

The ACDS has designed the system so that companies can enter the ingredients of their own products. This has several benefits for the companies: 1) you can be certain that your companies products are represented in the database, allowing dermatologists to recommend them; 2) you can ensure the accuracy of the ingredients for your products in the database; 3) you can ensure that the ingredients listed for your products are updated appropriately. It benefits the ACDS by reducing the amount of time their staff will need to spend entering the data.

Ingredient data will be able to be uploaded via an excel spreadsheet for multiple products at a time or via a direct web interface to upload one product at a time.

If you are potentially interested in uploading any of your products, please contact the ACDS administrator, Cindy Froehlich, by completing this form below. The information below will be added to our database to register your company in the system. Then we will send you your log-on information and instructions on how to use the system.

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